#Review #Giveaway – Broken Love Story by Natasha Madison

  Title: Broken Love Story Series: Love Series #3 Author: Natasha Madison Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: July 10, 2018 Kindle Unlimited Samantha:  I had the perfect life; a husband who loved me, and two kids who were my world.  Until someone else answered his phone and my perfect life shattered.  When he died, I was left with answers he couldn’t give me and a box full of lies.  He left me broken.  Blake:  I fell in love when I was {Read More}

#BookReview – Falling for Summer: A Little Mermaid Tale by J.B. Morgan and Savannah Morgan

  Title: Falling for Summer: A Little Mermaid Tale Author: J.B. Morgan and Savannah Morgan Genre: YA / Contemporary / Fairytale Release Date: September 18, 2017    Summer has an amazing job as a mermaid. All of her hard work and training pay off when she saves her crush, Lucas, from drowning.

 She finally has his attention but her cousin, Cassidy, doesn’t want Summer to be happy. Cassidy has always wanted what Summer has and now she wants Lucas. Just {Read More}

#BookReview – Cockloft by K.C. Lynn

Cockloft: A firefighter term used as a structural space above ceiling and below rafters, often connecting adjacent occupancies and permitting fire to spread laterally, often unseen. Gabriel Martinez is the most arrogant and infuriating man I’ve ever met. He has a knee-weakening smirk that makes me want to kiss—no—slap it off his rude, sexy face. Judging by his ego, you’d think the hose in his pants is as big as the one on his fire truck. Not that I know {Read More}

#BookReview – Havoc (Deathstalkers MC) by Alexis Noelle

CHRISSY As a social worker, I’ve seen my fair share of broken families, bad relationships, and worlds of regret. Because of that the last thing, I’ll ever do is let down my guard, or open up my heart. As for men, bring ’em on. I love a good man in my bed, but I’m not looking for forever or happily ever after.  That’s not my style. Please me, and leave.  These are my rules.  There’s no bending or breaking them.  {Read More}

#BookReview #99Pennies – Weekend Getaway (Suburban Secrets #2) by Cassidy London

Weekend Getaway is Book 2 in the steamy and erotic Suburban Secrets series. Here we find out if Ella and Jak’s love can make it through the drama that comes with navigating their new swinger lifestyle. Letting go has brought them together but letting each other go too far could ruin it all. As they try to walk the thin line between a passionate romance and mind blowing casual sex, they discover that not everything is as it seems. Ulterior {Read More}