A Life More Complete by Nikki Young


Can you ever really outrun your past?

Krissy Mullins, an overworked, obsessive-compulsive publicist has been giving it her best shot for the past ten years. Throwing herself into her work and devoting all her time to her teenage starlet client, Krissy finds little time for anything else. But as fate would have it, her world is turned upside down when she falls in love with laid-back California native, Ben Torres. Unfortunately, her only frame of reference on love and marriage is her parents and they weren’t exactly the poster children for a happy relationship.

As Krissy attempts to navigate the precarious world of love, acceptance, and compromise, her past comes flooding back like she never expected. An ex-boyfriend returns from a life she has tried to forget, stirring up feelings in Krissy she had thought were long gone. Pulled in opposite directions as her past and present collide, she makes a rash decision that will forever change her life.

~~~~~~~~~Rosie’s 4 Star Thoughts~~~~~~~

Reviewed by Rosie Mastropieri

Family. Everyone knows what is said about families. Blood is thicker than water, love makes a family, we start and end with family; you get my point. Not all families fit this bill, not all families are created equal, yet Chinese proverbs, celebrities, kings and queens, and literary heroes all feel the need to opine us with their wisdom that if you just try a bit harder, love a little more, or give a damn, that it will change everything. It always comes back to family. In my case it always came back to “How can I get away from my family?”

Krissy Mullins is a work-a-holic. She lives on the West Coast, far away from her childhood home in Naperville, Illinois. Her work is the way she copes with life. She is a publicist and her biggest client is a young starlet named Trini. It’s easier to hold people at arms distance when you have a professional relationship. She has a difficult time letting the people inside that she should. The people that she does let in always seem to disappoint her.

“My job is my life. I don’t work nine to five like most of the population. My job is unpredictable and demanding, it leaves little room for planning or scheduling.”

Krissy and her 2 sisters grew up in a home void of love from her Mother. ( I literally despised this selfish, horrible woman!) Their father had problems with serious addictions and wasn’t involved in their lives. All they did was fight. She remembers her father saying to her one day when she was very young;

“Sometimes people fight because they love each other so much. You have to fight for something that you love.” Her family life was strained to say the least. She had OCD tendencies that would manifest when she was troubled or under stress.

“My mother was unable to deal with weakness or vulnerability, basically anything that caused her to feel. She passed this on to my sisters and me. I don’t know if she so much as passed it on or if it was forced upon us.”

Krissy has a chance meeting with a dark haired, dark skin beautiful man named Ben while running by the beach one morning. She is very reserved and slow to let anyone in her heart. He turns out to be a very caring and kind person. They build a strong friendship that turns into something more. Ben is an amazing man and he falls really hard for her.

“There’s something about you that I can’t ignore,” he says and his voice turns to a whisper. “I’m drawn to you.”

Krissy is overly involved with her client Trini’s life. She feels bad for her because she really has no family support and guidance. As her publicist she has to get Trinis public opinion out of the gutter constantly. She tries to be Motherly to her. (I think she was trying to be the Mother SHE never had, to this girl).

“I’m her only friend. She’s surrounded by people day in and day out, yet none of them truly care about her. They’re all part of the show that’s become Trini’s life. Everyone playing a part, wanting to be close to the wealth and fame she carries, but when the shit hits the fan they scatter like rats. It’s sad and I know it, which is why I can’t turn my back on her.”

Ben wants things from Krissy that she is unable to give. He wants forever! She knows she can’t give him what he wants because of her deep seated fears. She decides to end it with him. She wants him to be happy and to find someone that could give themselves to him completely like he deserves. She is crushed by her own decision, but feels it is the right thing to do.

She goes onto the office one day to meet Trini’s latest attorney that has one hell of a hole to dig her out of. She walks into the conference to see that the new attorney is none other than the first love of her life. She is absolutely shocked and is hit with a deluge of emotions. Their relationship was filled with love, angst, infidelity, and passion. After spending some time together, Tyler tells her that losing her was the biggest mistake he ever made. Krissy jumps in feet first. She is grasping to the familiarity of the relationship, while trying to forget Ben. It doesn’t take long for them to fall into their old relationship patterns.

“Were we fighting for love or were we just fighting? I know in the beginning, each time Tyler and I got back together things were perfect. It’s nice to feel loved and wanted. There’s something to be said for that. It can make the negative appear invisible. It takes over and nothing else matters. It can make you do stupid things, make you choose blindly and make you irrational. Love, it’s like a flask full of peach schnapps when you’re seventeen, ruthless and unkind yet so wonderfully delicious. I’m not even sure at this point either one of us knows what we are fighting for and even more, is it worth it?”

What ensues is like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t be watching, but you are just shocked and drawn by the chaos. Krissy goes on to make some terrible decisions. She starts to question every choice she has ever made. (Thank God, its about time!)

“It’s funny how your heart can deceive you. Follow your heart, people say, but they never tell you that sometimes it makes the wrong choice. The heart doesn’t just deceive you once and then grow smarter. Well, at least not mine. Mine did it many times and I fell in love too easily, even when it wasn’t right.”

I really enjoyed this book. I think the author did an excellent job of getting you emotionally attached to the characters. The story was deep, emotional, and steamy too. Krissy really made some bad decisions in her life. She really didnt have great role models to look up to, and I think that really influenced her bad choices. In the end the story is redeemed and you are treated to seeing the heroine get herself together. She gets her priorities in order and makes the best of the decisions she has made. She comes to find that some of her not so great choices, turned out to be amazing. I would recommend this book to my firends.

“I have to have faith that I made the right choice. I chose to love deeply. I chose to follow those words that somehow somehow failed me in the past. Love makes a family”.


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Nikki Young was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago where she still currently lives with her husband and two boys. She is a third grade teacher and spends her days forcing her love of reading and writing onto a group of poor unsuspecting eight year olds.

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