#5StarReview #BlogTour – Mila (The Heartbreakers #3) by Evan Grace

 Title: Mila
Series: The Heartbreaker Series #3
Author: Evan Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: April 12, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Mila Bianchi has always played it safe… 

After her father betrayed her mother with her brother’s wife, Mila decided to stick with boys and men who could never break her heart. She saw what being destroyed by the ones you loved could do, and it was never going to happen to her. 

After the death of her father, her brother Nico thought it would be good for her to come to America and start over. At her welcome to America party, she meets Brian, who she thinks is safe. Spending time together, it doesn’t take long for those feelings to grow, but she’s got a secret, one that keeps her from thinking she’s ever going to find happiness. 

Brian Burns had a rough start in life… 

Orphaned at age six, he grew up in the system until he turned eleven and met the people who would become his parents. Now an adult, Brian wants to help other vulnerable children, so he’s devoted his life to being a social worker and helping them find their temporary or permanent homes. 

The moment he laid eyes on Mila, he knew there was something there, but she pulled the friend card with him. He bided his time, but whenever they seem to get closer, something would hold her back. 

Can Mila open her heart enough to share a painful secret with him? 

Or will they both walk away damaged and heartbroken?

This is such a touching and heartwarming story. Mila is the 3rd book in Grace’s Heartbreaker Series and I absolutely loved it. The one thing I have found to love about each of the books in Evan Grace’s series is that although they are relatively short, Grace gives such a wonderfully amazing story filled with so much love, heartache and then finding happiness.

Mila Bianchi has been hurt so much by her father’s transgressions that she has decided to play all her relationships safe now. Mila usually sticks to guys that she knows she can’t get hurt from. And after the announcement that her father died, Mila has decided to move to America with her brother Nico and his family and start a new life. At a party thrown by her family she meets Brian, a coworker of her sister-in-law’s and boy do sparks fly between them. But can Mila let her heart go to a good man or will she let her past and a secret that she holds close to her heart tear her away from someone that can be so good for her?

Orphaned early in life, Brian is searching for love. Unlike some guys who would be happy to have one night stands, he wants to find a woman he can settle down in a relationship with. And Brian thinks he has found that in Mila, but she is not giving him the chance to really show her how good they can be together. Can Brian show Mila just how much she deserves to be loved or will he walk away from her forever?


“The Heartbreaker series is one of my favorites out there. Each book is sweet, sexy, passionate, romantic, intense, and gives each couple a fresh start and second chance at love. And Mila… well this became my new top favorite. #TeamBrian” ~Brianna at Renee Entress’s Blog

“THIS IS SUCH A HEARTWARMING STORY!!! Love At First Site!! Filled with Sighs and Cries!!” ~Reviews From The Heart

A Midwesterner and self-proclaimed nerd, Evan has been an avid reader most of her life, but five years ago got bit by the writing bug, and it quickly became her addiction, passion and therapy. When the voices in her head give it a rest, she can always be found with her e-reader in her hand. Some of her favorites include, Shayla Black, Jaci Burton, Madeline Sheehan and Jamie Mcguire. Evan finds a lot of her inspiration in music, so if you see her wearing her headphones you know she means business and is in the zone.