#4StarReview – Faking It With The Boss by Corrin Keller

Title: Faking It With The Boss
Author: Corrin Keller
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Cover Design: Alexandra Haughton at www.romancedbythecover.com
When her birthday party gets crashed by an ex announcing his engagement to her cousin, Rose Hussey declares she’s bringing her boyfriend to their Christmas wedding—only she doesn’t have one. Her sexy boss offers to fill the position, but at a cost. Faking a relationship could be tricky when her attraction to Logan is real. 
Logan Rhodes has had a thing for his curvy PA since the day she saved him from a pillow beating, but he’s not looking to date her. Logan doesn’t do relationships. A week pretending she’s his girlfriend will get him what he needs and give him a taste of something merry—her.
When fake starts feeling real, their actions, and attraction, have consequences. But there’s a magic at Christmas that fulfills desires, and what was once not meant to be could be an unexpected gift worth unwrapping.

4 star review

Rose family birthday party gets crashed by her mean cousin and her as* of an ex. Suprise they are together and getting Married. This is a slap in the face for poor Rose because they will be at every family function. Monday comes and she is on the phone talking about this and her boss over hears and offers to be her fake boyfriend. Rose is shocked that her hot boss would do this. Rose doesn’t know what will happen because being around Logan could have her falling deeper for him.

Logan can’t avoid how he feels about his curvy PA but he doesn’t do relationships and Rose has relationship type of gal. So if he can be her fake girlfriend he can get a taste of her and get this need he has when she is around to go away. But what happens if he develops feeling for Rose? What if a taste isn’t enough? Can he give a real relationship a try?

This has a great story. I like the characters and felt connected to them; I hope they get a HEA. It was a great boss / PA (secretary) type of book. I enjoyed reading it. I thought the flow was off in some places making it go slower and drag on when it didn’t need too. But she is a first time writer and story wise I think she did amazing. My suggestion is next book have an editor check it to ensure it flows well. Great story. One click it, You will enjoy it!

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Corrin Keller used to make up stories as a way to fall asleep. Now she’s awake late at night typing at her computer, crafting romantic tales spiked with charm and sensuality, and the occasional dose of humour.  


When she’s not writing, Corrin’s busy living her own love story, with her bus driving hero-husband, a daughter that believes she’s a princess, and a growing menagerie of pets.