Book Review: All About Us (All or Nothing #1) by Ashley Erin

Emma is broken inside. After tragedy strikes she returns to her childhood home in hopes to heal her heart. Reconnecting with old family friends, Emma is unprepared for the way her long lost friend, Dane, makes her feel. Emma fights the attraction, but Dane is a man impossible to resist. What she doesn’t expect is for Dane to pursue her with a determination that makes her resolve waver. His ability to calm the storm that rages inside her and the way he makes her pulse race is a dangerous combination. She is risking everything. Can Emma set aside her fears and give Dane a chance? Her walls will break, her heart will be tested and she will never be the same.
**All About Us is the first in a series of standalone novels. It does not have a cliffhanger, and can be read on its own. This novel contains sexually explicit material and is intended for readers 18 and older.**
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After a tragedy takes away the people Emma loves; she feels completely  broken inside.  So she returns to her childhood home and hopes that the connections of her long lost friends will be there to heal her heart.
But it is Dane, who makes her feel again. But Emma fights her attraction in fear of losing him and his family who she feels are now her family. Dane has always known that Emma is the one for him and now that she is back he is determined to make it almost impossible for Emma to resist him. Dane is successful in making Emma resolve waver.
 Being around Dane makes Emma able to calm the storm that rages inside her. He also makes her feel things that make her pulse race with want and need for this man. 
Will she is risking everything to be him? Can she be fearless and give Dane a real chance? 

I am amazed that Ashley Erin is a new writer. I absolutely loved this story!

I loved this story from the start. Emma and Dane’s story is a beautiful one! Emma and Dane were friends as children and then Emma moved away and returned broken. Dane always knew Emma was the one for him. Now he has his chance to help heal her and get her to give in to their chemistry.

Dane is absolute swoon worthy cowboy who has had hidden desire for Emma since she moved away. Its a beautiful love story. Full of ups and downs with Emma dealing with her own fears and healing from her loss. 

The love all the characters. I want more of them all.  were so well written. I have a few I would love to see more of “hint”. I felt it was a great book from a new author that everyone must check out. Go one click this one and fall in love too!
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