Infatuation by Nicole Edwards

Infatuation Cover

McKenna Thorne is successful, determined, and sexy as hell. She doesn’t do relationships, and after her last disaster of one she has all but sworn off men for the last year that was until she laid her eyes on Tag Murphy after that all bets were off. She was drawn to him like a moth to a flame; needing and wanting to know everything about him, wanting to know every inch of his body and it scared the shit out of her.

Tag Murphy successful lawyer to Club Destiny. Determined, motivated, confident, and dominate yes he is all alpha male wrapped in a nice tall muscled inked body that all the ladies seem to want to touch. He is typically the third in the relationship, not wanting to be tied down to any women he jumps from relationship to relationship on looking for sexual gratification. Well, that was until he first laid his eyes on McKenna Thorne, there was something about that red head vixen that made his blood boil and his slacks grow tighter. He wanted her, wanted every inch of her and then some and it in turn scared the shit out of him.

Can two dominate people be in a relationship? Can McKenna put the past in the past and open her heart up to Tag and slowly submit to the man that she longs for? Can Tag finally get over his past and admit not only to himself but everyone that cares for him that he deserves to be happy and he deserves to love another and be loved by another? Or will these two strong-willed individuals be too stubborn to see what’s right in front of them and ruin their chance before they ever take it?

                                                               ~~~~Ena’s  5 OMG Star Thoughts~~~~

Infatuation is the state of being carried away by unreasoned passion or love…..

Tag Murphy: Strong, sexy, determined, dominate, successful, smooth talker and every bit of an alpha male.

“How many dates am I going to have to take you on before I get to know what color your bed sheets are?”

(ummmmm NONE! My sheets are blue but it only takes 1 date for you to find out the color of my panties)

McKenna Thorne: Strong, sexy, determined, dominate, successful and every bit of your feisty head strong female.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?”

What happens when these two lock eyes with each other? It’s like lava boiling in their blood, the temperature of their bodies is rising and the sparks start flying. There is only one thing do to at this point for Tag and McKenna; that is to give into their desires for one another and watch the fireworks explode like it’s the fucking Fourth of July.

“Fuck me, baby. I want to feel your tight pussy on my cock. I want to feel you, watch while you make yourself come.”

HOLY AMAZEBALLS everyone kept telling me wait for Infatuation and you get a BIGGER (no pun intended – okay what the hell YES pun defiantly intended) piece of Tag Murphy and holy fudge buckets they weren’t lying. Sure as shit I got Tag and I welcomed him into my head (in my bed) and body and devoured his ass up! He is one fine piece of male specimen. I never really had a thing for bald guys well that was until I met Tag Murphy and now all I want to do his rub that shiny head(both of them – wink).

Tag has so many different layers – visualize if you will a jawbreaker…Hard and smooth on the outside and no matter how hard or long you lick it the sweetest of it and the hardness of it will always be there and you can feast and lick on it for hours and hours and hours and hours! So yes ladies Tag Murphy is kinda like a jawbreaker a very large and tall jaw breaker but a jaw breaker none the less.

Yes he is sexy and mysterious and so fucking dominate it will make you change your panties multiple times. But you see we ladies at Nicole Nation have come up with a plan for all her multi panty changing Texas men – we just decided we would go commando and either A. sit on a towel (yes please use a large beach towel) or B. sit on a sponge (thinking about putting my patent on an X-large penis shaped sponge – purely for the effect though – wink). So yes let the breeze flow while reading Infatuation – I know I did!

Tag is scared (awwwwwwwwwwww – it’s okay I did it too) he is scared to love and having himself consumed so much by one person that he forgets about all the others around him that love and care about him. Tag also has a sweet side and sometimes when he isn’t running away from his feelings, he lets them shine. Can Tag learn to leave the past in the past and open his heart up to love? Or will this stubborn Stetson of a cowboy keep his heart under lock and key and continue to be the third in a relationship…(He can be the third in my relationship – hell he can be one of 7 in my relationship – after Logan, Luke, Cole, Alex, Kaleb, Zane, – you get my drift)….

“Every time I look at you, my pulse beats faster than before. It’s like I can’t get enough of you.”

I loved McKenna (seriously I would kiss her on the mouth if I could) she is a feisty red headed firecracker and I loved watching her defy Tag at every turn (almost)…She didn’t back down easily from him – it just wasn’t in her nature. I found myself many times during the book very jealous of this fictional character because it was her name written in the book on her knees doing naughty naughty naughty things to one said attorney or lying sprawled out naked on the bed while one said attorney feasts on her for hours. When I read it the stars name was Ena (it is in every Nicole Edward’s book – Samantha who? Sierra who? McKenna who? – nope I am the star – at least in my head).

“I want it all back. Every single minute I spent with you, every single kiss I shared with you. I want them all back. You don’t deserve them.”

Now yes McKenna also has a “past” that stops her from wanting to feel more for Tag and there were times when I found myself screaming at her because I wanted her to let the words tumble from her mouth that she kept locked up! I was actually driving in my car yesterday listening to music on my kindle and found a song that I wanted McKenna to sing to Tag:

“Don’t wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break, I know you’re scared it’s wrong
Like you might make a mistake, There’s just one life to live, And there’s no time to wait, to wait
So let me give your heart a break, give your heart a break, Let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, There’s just so much you can take, Give your heart a break, Let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, Oh yeah, yeah”

So to just wrap it up because this review has been the hardest to write because so many things happen in this book, let me give you a quick rundown on the book – but as my last review for Seduction – same rule applies, “I dare you to read Infatuation”. Okay so here we go – ready:

Tag – yummy; McKenna – yummy; Sex – fucking yummy; Club Destiny – in trouble? Samantha – exposed; Luke – determined; Stephan – DOUCHE; Susan – BITCH; Sex – HOLY ORGASM; Tag – drooling; McKenna – cornered; Chance – WHAT?; Travis Walker – HELLO; Sex – sit on an XLarge sponge!

So you see I could keep going but if you need more of a reason to read about this man who I would so love to tag team me with either one of the other Dallas boys or hell one of the Walker brothers well than just her what all my ladies have to say about him……Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie: I love him he is a bunch if mixed emotions but I love what McKenna does for him and Oh Yes he is strong and sexy hott

Laura: Tag is this oh so sexy lawyer all professional in button up suit and tie then Bam sexy body sexy ink and oh so dirty mind!!! Wouldn’t mind a Tag team with him and Travis!!!’

Michelle: He’s a hot ass sexy lawyer, then he was an ass, and now I just want to grab his ass.

Becky: Tag is my absolute favorite Club Destiny Man!!!! Bald, tattoos and that I don’t give a damn attitude… Shew the things I would let him do to me lol

Valerie: Lol Ena can I really just say I want to F**K the shit out of that hot tattooed body of his lol cause I really of want that lol (forgive Valerie – she had to comment twice)

Becky: ^^^^ Agreed!!!

Susan: ….hot, sexy, dominating, I want him to lick me up & down and make meal out of me! Wouldn’t mind being part of a Tagwich!

Becky: Tag and Luke!! Just don’t tell Danielle lol (I am guessing Danielle would fight for those two)

Danielle: Oh hell no Becky! (Yep guess I was right)

Tamela: If you look at the picture I posted earlier, you already know how I feel about tag. Bald, tattooed, hotter than hell. (Trust me ladies – I looked at it and YES Tamela loves her some Tag)

Maria: Tag is hard headed but oh so sexy and yummy. I’ll let him order me around any day. Behind all that hardness it’s a real caring and attentive man.

Fiona: Tag has got to be the hottest lawyer ever. He just oozes sex appeal and makes you want to rip that suit and tie right off him and jump his sexy bones! Yum!!!

Jamie: Tag is a hot professional lawyer on the outside and a sexy bad boy with a dirty side behind closed doors!!

Cathy: He’s a dominating badass and a sweetheart wrapped up in one hot Hunk of a man. Love everything about him.

So I think the ladies have spoken – some a little more vocal than others but the conclusion is that they all love Tag and I know you will too. He is a complex man but like the said ladies. Jawbreaker – many layers of sugary sweet stuff that you can lick and devour for hours and never gets soft (pun intended)….

So I leave you with this! Go get Infatuation and continue the Club Destiny series and get to know Tag Murphy and McKenna Thorne on a more personal level! Until Captivated I have to go I have a tag manwich to attend and I am the star. (wink)